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Advance directives really work....if they are in the hands of the right people when they are needed.


America Living Will Registry, L.L.C., is founded on the belief that an individual's advance directives must be available whenever and wherever they are needed.  Attorneys and doctors are not always available in the middle of the night or weekends, and in an emotional set of circumstances, your family will not be thinking of bringing a copy of your advance directive to the hospital, even if they know where it is.


Registrants can store health care surrogate designations and living wills in our database.  They receive membership identification cards so that an emergency room or other health provider can obtain their documents in a timely manner, 24 hours a day, anywhere they may be needed.  Documents may be accessed electronically or via fax.


Requiring medical treatment, whether an emergency or not, can be a stressful situation, and people will not always think of carrying these documents to a provider's location.  As a result, we see more and more calls in non-emergency situations where our registrants want the peace of mind knowing that their doctors and health care providers are aware that their documents exist and of what they say.


America Living Will Registry is located at 2814 Beach Boulevard, St. Petersburg, FL 33707

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-866-305-ALWR.


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