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Privacy Policy

America Living Will Registry is very sensitive to the privacy of our living will and health care proxy registrants and to the confidentiality of the information and the documents they register with us. We are committed to maintaining this privacy and confidentiality. The policies of the Registry regarding privacy and confidentiality are outlined below.

  • No identifying information is collected from the America Living Will Registry's web site.
  • The Registry will provide identifying information, emergency contact information, and an exact copy of the advance directive provided to it by the registrant to any health care provider that requests this information.
  • The Registry only provides information and documents to health care providers (hospitals, doctors, skilled nursing facilities, nursing facilities, home health agencies, providers of home health care, ambulatory surgery facilities, and hospices).
  • Health care providers are required to locate facsimile machines, which receive information and documents from the Registry, in a place where the privacy and confidentiality of the documents will be maintained.
  • Information transmitted via Internet is encrypted and secure.
  • Health care providers are required to make the transmitted document a part of the confidential medical record.
  • America Living Will Registry collects, retains and transmits the information and documents provided to it by registrants for the purpose of making this information available to health care providers throughout the world should the need arise.
  • America Living Will Registry does not share registrant information with outside parties.
  • America Living Will Registry does not sell registrant information to outside parties.


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